Your NATIONAL representation

Senator Thomas Carper
Washington                      202.224.2441
Wilmington                       302.573.6291
Dover                               302.674.3308
Georgetown                     302.856.7690
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Senator Chris Coons
Washington                       202.224.5042
Wilmington                        302.573.6345
Dover                                 302.736.5601
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Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester
Washington                      202-225-4165
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Track the votes tracks the United States Congress and helps Americans understand what is going on in their national legislature. They publish the status of federal legislation and information about your representative and senators in Congress.
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To find what RD you are in:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Am I registered to vote in Delaware? How am I registered?”
  3. Fill in your first name, last name, dob, zip code, and the captcha code
  4. You’ll get a screen with a lot of information. Scroll down to Election Districts. Your RD is on the line labeled Representative District.
  5. To find your RD meetings:
  6. To find out who your district chair is and how to contact him or her:

4th: Jim Hussey, (302) 998-7034,

5th: Gwen Lane,

6th: Patrick Heffernan, (302) 762-3478,

7th Brooke Bovard, (302) 475-4105,

8th: Chuck Jackson, (302) 378-1110,,

9th: Dickie Burris,, (302) 561-4032,

10th: Stephen Ottinger, (302) 753-3609,

11th: Bill Bullock, (302) 354-4789,

12th: Kim Hoffman, (302) 888-5209,

13th: Ken Woods, (302) 463-7454,

15th: Ruth Visvardis, (302) 836-8001,

16th: Jakim Mohammed, (302) 654-5078,

17th: Tom Castaldi, (302) 322-5589,

18th: Leo Magee

19th: Mike Spencer, (302) 994-2729,

21st: Kat Caudle, (302) 598-3437,

22nd: Italo Carrieri-Russo,

23rd: Catherine Ciferni, (215) 984-4882,

24th: Stephanie Rizzo,

25th: Lois Hoffman, (302) 737-3163,

26th: Melissa Hopkins, (302) 897-6167,

27th: Dave Woodside, (302) 834-4421,